Friday, September 19, 2008

I Vote Batang Yagit!

Voting for the Bloggers’ Choice Award for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 is still open! The complete list of nominees can be viewed here! If you want to vote, make sure that you're a Filipino and you have your own blog. You might be blogging on Blogger, Wordpress.Com,, i.PH,, Live Journal, Friendster, Multiply, or on a self-hosted blog—it doesn’t matter—the point is, you need to have a blog to vote. Your blog must be established at least three (3) months from today with a minimum of 10 posts.

So? What the catch? The only reason I made this post is to vote Batang Yagit. I think I'm qualified to vote because I'm a Filipino, my humble blog started last August 2007, and my blog has roughly 11 posts in total. Haha! Good thing I'm blogging even if I seldom do it.

So, so much for this nonsensical chit-chats, Vote Batang Yagit now!

Click here
to see the people who voted for Batang Yagit!

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